Circa Nocturna in the Media and in Review

“It’s bold meets beautiful”

The Gold Coast Bulletin 4 January 2011, P13

“……Circa Nocturna is Australia’s premier alternative, subcultural and fringe fashion show, bringing together some of the country’s most eccentric designers.”

“Goth a passion for fashion?”

MX (Melbourne) 26 February 2009, P1

“……Not everyone wants to run with the pack. Circa Nocturna celebrates alternative, subcultural and fringe fashions.”

“The weekend starts here”

The Age Compiled by Rohan Trollope, Fiona Scott-Norman, & Tim Richards 2 March 2007

“……If the idea of another fashion festival doesn’t exactly have you running to the runway to check out the latest masterpieces, perhaps you will feel more at home at Circa Nocturna. This is the third year alternative designers have come together to present their alternative threads to an alternative crowd. (Actually, we like it better than the mainstream stuff, and we’re about as alternative as Triple J.) It’s part fashion show, part theatre and it’s on tonight.”

“Gothic fashion show throws light on the dark side of style”

The Age Jill Stark 17 March 2005

“Designers with a difference are breaking away from the main event,” writes Jill Stark.
“They may be a tad morose and their fashion sense not to everyone’s taste, but you can’t deny that the modern-day Goth has style. The days when our Gothic friends were content just to throw on some black clothes and paint dark lines under their eyes are long gone. Now, any discerning member of this much-maligned subculture tries a bit harder to create a unique look….”

“Style? They’ve goth it”

MX (Melbourne) Jacqueline Freegard 10 March 2005, P1

“We hope to give young designers a boost and show everyone that fashion doesn’t have to be mainstream and boring,” Le Mechant said. “A few of the designers work from home and this is a great way to raise their profile.”