Trashglam is handmade, one of a kind, limited edition clothing and accessories. Express your individuality, because life’s too short to be one dimensional. Baby pink and all things sweet, or leather and whips for the ultimate b*tch! The addiction for all things bright/loud, dark/ghoulsome or sweet and sultry.

Tip toe through an asylum, haunt the gloomy cemeteries on a perfect night’s sky, skip around Tokyo’s streets and drown yourself in bright bold colour. They cater to those who hunger for a unique look which is wearable either day or night. Their canvas is their clothing and they paint desirous portraits. Inspirations come from personal experiences and life journeys. They illustrate their series, hatred, joy, playfulness, fantasies, poetry, transcending emotions into designs. Whether it’s funky, sophisticated, provocative or mix and match. Love and inspired by all things Harajuku/Fruits Japan, Gothic, Lolita, Horror, Psychobilly/Rockabilly, Steampunk, Victorian, Classical, Weird, Vintage, 80’s Glam and Trashy Punk Riot.