Elysium [ee-lis-ee-uh m] -Noun. Paradisiacal place of the underworld reserved for only the most nobel and heroic to spend their eternity.

I specialize in waist training grade corsetry and aim to produce garments of the highest quality. I make a diverse range of styles for my clients from steampunk to burlesque showgirl outfits, from industrial and cyber to vintage inspired.

I produce an eclectic mix of one of a kind and limited edition pieces and also bespoke work for clients. I believe my customers should feel entirely indulged, not just upon receiving and wearing their garment but throughout the whole experience of ordering a bespoke item. Having a one of a kind garment made just for you is definitely the ultimate luxury.

My philosophy on fashion is to always remain creative and innovative. Always balance a customer focused business and bespoke work with my own creativity. I always reserve time to work on my own samples, experiments and avant garde creations as that is what makes Elysium Couture unique.