“Clockwork Butterfly’s” label comes from her love of history and how we can combine the best parts of the past with current styles to create truly unique designs that reflect individuality and creativity. This is a label for the discerning Neo-Victorian who can appreciate a love of detail and cut that makes something look and feel unique. She creates for both men and women and tries to capture facets of the antique world, both light hearted and dark to make a range of styles that bring a timeless elegance to dress.

Her influences come from wide ranging sources including art, literature and film as well as historic designs. The Neo-Victorian or ‘Steampunk’ aesthetic keeps coming into fashion and she see’s the influence is being felt and responded to strongly in today’s society through many different sources and she believes that this aesthetic will continue to thrive and grow. She would like to encourage this interest and keep the creative spontaneity of this style of design. She uses a a combination of historical and modern patterns with draping techniques to give different combinations of styles. Her detailing includes layering, applique, screen printing, art finishing and the use of found objects and antiques built into them. This creates a level of detail and design that works from a distance and up close creating a strong visual identity for the brand.


Email: alex@clockworkbutterfly.net

Website: http:/www.clockworkbutterfly.net