Circa Nocturna brings together the edgiest fashion designers of Australia’s underworld.  A stand alone fashion event, our designers showcase their creative left of field designs to backing music by DJ’s. Circa is the sinistral event of the Australian fashion calendar.

The event is a celebration of how far you can push alternative fashion – showcasing left of field designers, subcultural fashion, wearable art and clubwear.

Circa Nocturna is fashion by the alternative community for the alternative community. The sort of people that will inspire, buy and wear this fashion will be who you see wearing it on the catwalk. We find that using real people from the respective subcultures  gives the catwalk an authenticity not usually realised by contemporary fashion shows.

We aim to give a chance to some of Australia’s most innovative and individualistic designers, not only to promote their designs to the alternative community, but to the mainstream fashion world itself.

CN is the dark child of Australian fashion.